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Classification System of Horse Races

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Classification system of horse races. What is the difference between Harness, Steeplechase and Turf races? Find out below. A quick review of these three types of horse racing will provide you with the necessary information. Listed below are the key features of each. You can also get insider tips about the races by reading this article. Interested in a race? Get insider tips on each type in our free report! Weigh all factors before making a bet.

Classification system for horse races

The Classification system for horse races helps to ensure that all horses competing in races of similar quality are placed against each other. The race levels differ in quality, but there are specific standards for each class. This classification helps racing authorities coordinate across countries and regions. It is important for horse racing fans to know the differences between the race levels so they can make the right decision. Read race sheets carefully to understand the different classification levels. Here is a brief overview of how these levels are used.

Harness racing

While the standard trot and walk are the most common gaits in the sport of harness racing, there are other variations. Trots and walks are different in appearance and require a combination of skills. A horse’s pace will determine which leg it will use to move forward. A horse’s footfall will also change based on the gait, with the trot being the most common. Pacers and trotters run at slower speeds.


A steeplechase horse race is a type of distance horse race that spans four miles and two and a half furlongs. The horses in a steeplechase are typically older than those who participate in other types of horse racing. These horses must have stamina and endurance to compete. In Great Britain and Ireland, these races are officially known as National Hunt racing. However, some half-breed horses also compete in steeplechases.

Turf racing

Turf racing is a form of horse racing where the surface of the track is a soft and porous surface. The surface can be wet or dry. Turf races will not run if the track is wet. Horses with prior experience on turf will perform better. Horses with no previous turf experience should look at how they have been trained. Then, make an educated decision. There is no single perfect turf track.

Arabian racing

The sport of Arabian horse racing is one of the most popular amongst race enthusiasts around the world. The breed is famous for its amazing stamina, agility and speed. Arabian horses were the progenitor of a new breed of racehorses. However, not all of the Arabian horses are winners. You can visit breeding stallions and get acquainted with the breeding methods of these horses. Here are some of the most important facts about Arabian horse racing.